Chemical Business Association


As a supplier of antimicrobial additives to numerous UK-based and global plastics manufacturers, BioCote® is a proud member of the Chemical Business Association (CBA).

About CBA

Founded in 1923, the Chemical Business Association is the leading organisation in representing successful deliveries of the complete chemical supply chain to its members. The diverse membership includes manufactures, distributors, warehouse operators, logistics and transport companies, allowing an in-depth observation of chemical supply. Working closely with government and key stakeholders in the UK and overseas, CBA has made a commitment to deliver educational compliance training to the member companies.

The Chemical Business Association is managed by its members for its members. The Association’s Council is elected by member companies, and the Executive Committee is chosen from the Council to provide ongoing assistance to the Chairman. The collaboration of its members to elect a suitable governing body allows the corporation to apply specialist expertise in key policy areas, with a focus on technical and operational issues.

The Committees and Council ensure that:

  • CBA policies are advocated to legislators and regulators
  • Industry developments are communicated well within the media and community
  • Information and advice for members of CBA are provided for guidance
  • Delivering specialist events, workshops and seminars to the industry

As the voice of the UK’s chemical supply chain, CBA has led and participated in the ‘Responsible Care Programme’ since 1993 to focus on health and safety, people, and sustainability. Making it mandatory for CBA members involved in trading chemicals, CBA supports its members by providing workshops and seminars to assist in the implementation of new legislations and regulations.