Become A BioCote® Partner

Choosing the right antimicrobial brand to partner with is an important decision; it can be the difference between success and failure.

A partnership with BioCote® will not only mean the supply of premium quality antimicrobial additives, but also the commercial advantages of co-branding your product with our globally recognised trademark. As our partner, you will benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of a team of people who will become your dedicated antimicrobial department.

Become a BioCote® partner and work with the antimicrobial brand you can trust.

As a BioCote® partner, you will benefit from:

Support every step of the way

The combined knowledge of our multi-disciplined team means you can rely on us to assist you throughout the development of your antimicrobial feature, to product launch and beyond.

Use of our globally recognised brand

Convey all the properties of your antimicrobial product with one simple symbol – the BioCote® trademark. Already used and recognised around the world, it’s the easiest way to communicate the superior antimicrobial properties of your product.

Sales & Marketing consultancy

We provide comprehensive support to the people within your organisation responsible for winning business. This ensures your message is confident, compelling and credible.

Ongoing quality control

We know your customers want antimicrobial products that really work. That’s why we offer regular quality control testing at no extra cost. It’s hassle free, too – all you need to do is send us a sample.

Your own personal account manager

Your account manager will integrate into your company providing a single point of contact and ensuring your individual business needs are met.

Access to our partner portal

Wherever you are in the world our online partner portal provides 24 hour, front line support, including access to marketing collateral, test data and business leads.

Promotion of your brand and product

We are proud of our partner’s successes; it is what makes us who we are today. Become a BioCote® partner and you will receive dedicated space on our popular ‘Partner Products’ webpage and global exposure in marketing campaigns.

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