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Why BioCote®

BioCote’s comprehensive range of antimicrobial additives includes Silver, Zinc and Organic based solutions.

Simply and cost effectively introduced to your product during the manufacturing process, our additives are guaranteed to provide the highest levels of antimicrobial protection across all materials and products, making them more hygienic and safer to use.

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Treatable materials

Antimicrobial Plastics

Plastics & Polymers

Although plastic may be easy to clean, it is still susceptible to colonisation by microbes such as bacteria and mould; which can present hygiene concerns and negatively impact the functional lifetime of your product. BioCote® provides antimicrobial additives for plastics and polymers of all types in an array of testing environments. Plastic products currently containing our technology include medical breathing devices, soap dispensers and food containers.

Antimicrobial Paints

Paints & Coatings

Whatever the chemistry, regardless of the application, BioCote® will have an additive to suit your paints and coatings. General industrial, decorative or speciality coatings and inks can all benefit from lasting BioCote® antimicrobial protection, which actively reduces the levels of bacteria and mould on a product. Products protected by paints and coatings containing BioCote® antimicrobial additives are currently used and trusted by an array of global brands, including Akzo Nobel, HMG Paints and many more.

Antimicrobial Textiles

Textiles & Fabrics

BioCote® antimicrobial additives for textiles and fabrics are easily and cost effectively applied to textiles at any stage of the production process. Without affecting the inherent characteristics of the fibre, our additives provide lasting and effective protection against both harmful and odour causing microbes. BioCote® additives can be used in any fibre manufacturing process or applied as a topical or finishing treatment to any textile. Fabrics protected with our technology will also stay fresher for longer and maintain their performance wash after wash. BioCote® is ideal for use in a range of products, such as sportswear, non-wovens, bedding, technical fabrics and workwear.

Antimicrobial Paper


Paper is notoriously difficult to clean, making it an ideal breeding ground for microbes such as bacteria and mould. BioCote® offers a range of antimicrobial additives for paper that can be easily applied either during the manufacturing process or by a post treatment coating. BioCote® treated paper products are ideal for use in many industries, including healthcare and education.

Antimicrobial Ceramics


Ceramics are no less susceptible to colonisation by microbes, meaning they can become stained and unsightly. BioCote® offers a range of antimicrobial additives for ceramics that can be easily introduced during the production process. Not only resistant to the high temperatures experienced during firing, our actives will provide superior antimicrobial performance against a wide variety of microbes for the functional lifetime of your product, at a realistic budget.

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