Additive Specification Process

Finding The Right Additive

With so many additive types at our disposal and so many potential applications, we consider many factors during the additive specification process to ensure the highest antimicrobial performance possible. These include the material to be protected, the manufacturing process being used and where the product will be manufactured, sold and used.

In order to specify the most suitable antimicrobial additive, we will generally look at three main criteria:

The material
We start with the basics: the material to be treated and understanding the simple chemistry. Take a look at some of the most frequent applications for BioCote® antimicrobial technology.

The manufacturing process
In addition to your material, an understanding of the processes used to manufacture your product will help to further narrow down the most suitable antimicrobial additive for your product.

The finished product
Finally, we seek to learn more about the finished antimicrobial product, such as where in the world it will be sold, the end-use and environment it will be used in, and the aesthetics. We also look at the commercial implications such as on-cost, too.

Our expertise means the antimicrobial additive supplied is always appropriate for the intended use, will further enhance the products functionality and performance and of course add value. Find out more about how BioCote® have enabled customers to increase their product offering with antimicrobial products.

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