Additive specification process

Antimicrobial product specification guidelines

BioCote® additive specification process

BioCote® additive specification process

Selling via specification is an everyday occurrence. For many BioCote® partners, the ability to change perceptions and influence thinking is fundamental to either: getting your product specified and/or overturning an existing specification.

Your ability to realise the full potential of your BioCote® protected product could be the difference between getting your product specified or not. To help you with this, we have provided information about your BioCote® antimicrobial feature for you to integrate into existing specification materials.

The information provided is a collection of data, facts and figures and intended to expand on the following statement:

If you choose to expand beyond this, more detail can be added by including some or all of the information provided within this page.

The three main criteria we look for

The three main criteria we look for


This is the first step in finding an additive that is suitable to be incorporated into your material to achieve outstanding antimicrobial performance without altering the look and functionality of your product.

Manufacturing Process

Understanding the processes used to manufacture your product is essential to identify the most suitable antimicrobial additive for a seamless integration into your material without altering your manufacturing processes.

Finished Product

Finally, we need to understand more about your finished antimicrobial product: its aesthetics, where in the world will it be sold, what is its primary purpose and the environment it will be used in.

Find out the right additive for your product

BioCote® has an appropriate formulation for every material type, meaning our antibacterial technology is suitable for deployment in plastics, polymers, paints, coatings, textiles, paper, ceramics, rubber and many more. Whatever your requirements, we will have an antibacterial additive to suit the desired end use of your product.