Antimicrobial products for Healthcare

Good hygiene is imperative in any healthcare environment. Be it a hospital, doctors surgery, care home or dental practice, high levels of occupancy and the close proximity of medically compromised patients provides the ideal opportunity for potentially harmful bacteria to spread directly from person to person or via contaminated surfaces.  Ignaz Semmelweis – the father of good hygienic practice – understood this and today this couldn’t be any truer as the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria continues to threaten the health of the global population.

It is estimated that antibiotic resistant bacteria, MRSA and CRE Klebsiella pneumoniae for instance, often associated with Healthcare environments –– could cost the global economy £64 trillion by the year 2050, putting immense pressure on healthcare providers and global economies.

The addition of BioCote antimicrobial technology provides integrated and lasting hygienic antimicrobial protection to any product used within healthcare environments, such as breathing circuits, endoscopes, beds, patient transport equipment and medical record storage systems. BioCote protected products have been proven effective against antibiotic resistant bacteria and at reducing the numbers of bacteria found within real life healthcare environments too – complementing the stringent hygiene principles that are required in the sector.

The introduction of BioCote protected products in any healthcare environment clearly demonstrates to patients and visitors alike an organisation that truly cares and is mindful of the threat posed by bacteria.

Many BioCote protected products are in use across the healthcare industry today – take a look at our range of partners that sell within the healthcare industry.

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