Antimicrobial products for Education

The close proximity of children, their poor hygiene practices and the extended periods of time spent in the classroom create the perfect environment for microbes, such as bacteria to pass quickly and easily between pupils. Bacterial infections able to spread quickly and easily, causing absenteeism, interrupting learning and costing the economy.

Antimicrobial products and surfaces in the school classroom are an easy way to complement existing cleaning practices to increase cleanliness. BioCote technology is effective against a multitude of unpleasant and potentially illness-causing bacteria and has been proven to work in a real-life school environment.

BioCote protected products in the school classroom are an easy and logical way to complement the standard cleaning practices needed to meet strict hygiene guidelines for schools around the world. So, not only do antimicrobial products make a school cleaner, it also immediately suggests a school that cares about cleanliness cares about their pupils.

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