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  • BioCote is offering CPD seminars suitable for Architects
  • 96% reduction in bacteria in a real life school classroom
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BioCote® is the leading provider of proven antimicrobial / antibacterial technology to companies around the globe. BioCote technology integrates antimicrobial protection into any surface or product, reducing microbes by up to 99.99%, making them more hygienic and defending the surface against degradation, odours and staining.

The BioCote range of antimicrobial additives can be added to any material during the production process including plastics and polymers, coatings and paints, textiles, metals and more. 

BioCote offer the use of the BioCote brand as well as the background technical, regulatory and marketing support necessary to make your antimicrobial products a success. That is why many of the world's biggest brands partner with BioCote.

If you have a query about antibacterial technology, additives or even about microbes or bacteria in general please ask us a question.


  • Legionella bacteria

    5 Facts about Legionella

    Legionella is a pathogenic group of bacteria that cause Legionellosis in humans, a group of illnesses including Legionnaires’ disease and Pontiac fever. Legionella is a waterborne disease, and so objects and locations such as swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, water coolers and fountains are at most at risk of contamination. Here we take a look at 5 facts about Legionella. 1...
  • Is your coffee machine harbouring pathogenic bacteria?

    Is Your Coffee Machine Harbouring Pathogenic Bacteria?

    There is no doubt that the UK is a nation of coffee drinkers. Research suggests that over 70 million cups are consumed a day in the UK alone - so it is of no surprise to hear that self-serve coffee machines are also growing in popularity, fast becoming the latest staple gadget for the home. Whilst coffee machines may offer you the convenience of a freshly made cup of java within minute...
  • BioCote Is Now a Certified CPD Provider

      BioCote are very pleased to announce that we are now a certified CPD provider. The CPD scheme – which focuses on the tracking and documenting of skills, knowledge and experience gained as you work, beyond any initial training – will allow us to present our expertise to an audience wanting to learn more about antimicrobial technology and its application in products&nb...
  • Klebsiella Pneumoniae

    5 Facts About Klebsiella Pneumoniae

    Klebsiella is a disease causing bacterium which, according to recent news headlines, is often acquired in hospitals. Named in 1885 after microbiologist Edwin Klebs, infections caused by the bacterium are on the rise. Worryingly, it has also been reported that Klebsiella contaminated waters, pose a significant risk to the health of our sailors at next year’s Rio Olympics You can find out m...
  • How Clean Is Your Watch?

    The bacteria found on our smart watch When you put your watch on every morning, does it ever occur to you just how much bacteria may be contaminating it? In our previous post, we looked at how wearable technology has the potential to make you sick. But just how many bacteria could be living on your wearable technology device? We tested a smart watch, which is worn every day and during...