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BioCote® is the leading provider of proven antimicrobial / antibacterial technology to companies around the globe. BioCote technology integrates antimicrobial protection into any surface or product, reducing microbes by up to 99.99%, making them more hygienic and defending the surface against degradation, odours and staining.

The BioCote range of antimicrobial additives can be added to any material during the production process including plastics and polymers, coatings and paints, textiles, metals and more. 

BioCote offer the use of the BioCote brand as well as the background technical, regulatory and marketing support necessary to make your antimicrobial products a success. That is why many of the world's biggest brands partner with BioCote.

If you have a query about antibacterial technology, additives or even about microbes or bacteria in general please ask us a question.


  • We put our antibacterial pens to the test!

    BioCote antibacterial pens - put to the test!

    My Gran always used to say “neither a lender nor a borrower be”. Sage advice particularly when it comes to the humble pen!  New research suggests that a standard pen – the kind you use every day in the office - can harbour enough bacteria to make you ill. This is not surprising, when you consider that: Millions of bacteria can fit into the eye of a needle...
  • All humans emit a microbial cloud

    In a cloud of our own

    We’ve all heard of sitting on a cloud, but according to a recent report from the University of Oregon, we may all be sitting in a cloud, a cloud of our bacteria and fungi.   These ‘clouds’ are known as bioaerosols and are generated by the shedding of dead skin, and the biological matter we expel from our lungs, both of which are covered in bacteria and fun...
  • Image of Listeria bacteria

    5 facts about Listeria

    Food poisoning bacteria Listeria often frequents headlines for contaminating various food available for sale. Across the globe, food items such as cheese, milk, ice cream and even sausages have been recalled due to scares associated with Listeria contamination, often during the manufacturing process. You can read more about the various bacteria responsible for food poisoning here. Read...
  • One speck of dust contains 9,000 microbes

    One speck of dust contains 9,000 microbes

    Written by microbiologist Dr. Richard Hastings, Technical Director at BioCote One speck of dust contains 9,000 microbes, so says a recent university study that quantified and identified microbes in house dust. The study was extensive, visiting 1200 homes across the US, in order to compile a database of microbial populations present in house dust. Fungi were repeatedly isolated; some 2,...
  • How clean is your car interior?

    Lovely runner, FSH, 1 careful owner, plenty of bacteria

    Whilst cleaning your car every weekend may make you the butt of your neighbours' jokes, maybe the joke is on them. A recent study has revealed that our car interiors can become a hotspot for bacteria. With 1 in 4 of us only cleaning our car once every 3 months, the increasing amount of time we spend behind the wheel and the variety of activities we undertake whilst we are there (e...