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BioCote® is the leading provider of proven antimicrobial / antibacterial technology to companies around the globe. BioCote technology integrates antimicrobial protection into any surface or product, reducing microbes by up to 99.99%, making them more hygienic and defending the surface against degradation, odours and staining.

The BioCote range of antimicrobial additives can be added to any material during the production process including plastics and polymers, coatings and paints, textiles, metals and more. 

BioCote offer the use of the BioCote brand as well as the background technical, regulatory and marketing support necessary to make your antimicrobial products a success. That is why many of the world's biggest brands partner with BioCote.

If you have a query about antibacterial technology, additives or even about microbes or bacteria in general please ask us a question.


  • Aerial View of Flamengo Beach in Rio de Janeiro

    Olympics in Peril Due to Klebsiella Bacteria

    Aerial View of Flamengo Beach in Rio de Janeiro where many Olympic events will take place Athletes visiting Rio de Janeiro in 2016 for the Olympics may find they will pick up more than a coveted medal to bring home. Researchers in Brazil have found the CRE (Carbapenem Resistant Enterobacteriaceae) Klebsiella Pneumonia contaminating various locations in the Carioca River and Flamengo Be...
  • How to cook the perfect Christmas turkey - Infographic

    How To: Cook the Perfect Christmas Turkey

    As the season of goodwill is fast approaching, it is soon time to begin planning one of the most important meals of the year: Christmas dinner. Here at BioCote HQ we have created a fun infographic about how to cook the perfect Christmas turkey. As we know all too well what harmful bacteria may potentially be living on our Christmas turkeys, we have included ways to avoid spreading them so your...
  • Minimise the spread of campylobacter with BioCote technology during poultry transportation, whilst processing and on food packaging.

    Campylobacter and Antimicrobial Technology

    Campylobacter, a group of bacteria which is known to contaminate the environments of poultry, has once again reached headlines in the United Kingdom. According to a new report from the Food Standards Agency, the bacteria can be found in over half of fresh chicken sold in supermarkets1. Campylobacter is potentially fatal and is the most common cause of food poisoning in the UK2. Consume...
  • The Antimicrobial Industry is Growing

    How to Take Advantage Now!   According to recent research by Micro Market Monitor 1, the antimicrobial coatings market is due to increase to $191.3 million by 2019. This is consistent with the increasing demand for antimicrobial surfaces, not only limited to coatings but for any material to provide continuous built-in protection against bacteria, mould and fungi. As more and more m...
  • Modern travel spreads bacteria

    Infectious disease and air travel: a bad combination A recent BioCote blog post 'Bacteria hot spots on board' described the contamination of the cabins of passenger aeroplanes by unpleasant bacteria. Our blog theme ‘Bacteria hot spots on board’ continues here with the concerning issue of air travel has in the spread of infectious disease. It is so easy to t...

BioCote Antimicrobial Technology featured on CNN International 13 01 11.

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